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Unusual Tips for Moving House Smoothly

  • 8 years ago

Unusual Tips for Moving House Smoothly

It’s great when you have your offer accepted and things really start moving (‘scuse pun), but sooner or later, your thoughts turn to the logistics of relocating – getting a removal quote, changing your utility bills, finding a decent school…and de-cluttering and packing.

Take photos of your electrics

That’s what your smartphone’s for! Take pictures of your Byzantine electrical configurations so you know which cable goes where. You might be sceptical now, but you won’t regret it.

De-clutter like a pro

Moving home is the perfect time to get rid of old possessions. Think before you head to the dump, though; that old sofa, or the corner table that’s too big for your new place might be just what someone else is looking for, so ask a housing charity to collect them.

Let the movers do their thing

If you’re using a professional removal team, you need to give them space to do their jobs. Keep children and pets out of the way and don’t hover over them while they pick up your antique mirror. These guys are professionals, remember? If your kids are excited, wait until everything’s loaded safely, then maybe they can place their toys in the gaps or even in the cabin with the driver!

Pack an essentials box

Moving is just chaos, so create your own little oasis of order by packing a box with everything you need while you’re on the hoof and immediately after you land. Coffee, a kettle, plastic cups and plates, snacks, books, tablets (electronic and otherwise!), toys, pet food, nappies, wipes, drink cartons – whatever you use several times a day, stash it! Then label the box! You don’t want it packed at the front of the van…

Use sturdy sandwich bags

The sturdier the better, because these bags are going to store screws and bolts for your dismantled furniture and electrics. Tape each bag to its relevant item and you’ll make a seamless transition into your new gaff. Ish.



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