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Using Glass to Improve Your House

  • 5 years ago

Most home improvements offer obvious, well, improvements. There’s an extra bathroom, a bigger kitchen or another bedroom. Most improvements also involve at least one window or bi-fold door as part of that process.

There’s a new movement in the home improvements area that involves using glass as the main focus and reason for the work. Adding floor-to-ceiling windows, a glass roof or even a glazed room is becoming more popular and has benefits, beyond creating more space.

Glass can boost your value

If your home has a glass installation of some kind then it’ll attract increased interest and offers, as buyers look for more modern and well-designed homes.

If the glass installations are unusual or also feature new technologies, such as UV filters or solar films, then they’ll appeal even more. Think about glass floors, especially if you have an old and interesting floor underneath, or a glass staircase. These are improvements you can make without too much internal restructuring, if you’re not up to it.

Let the light in

A glass installation is there to let light, air and sometimes people in. Fresh air and access are great, of course, but natural light is better. Natural light always works best in interiors, from putting on make-up to reading a book, and it also means you don’t have to use as much artificial light.

Sunlight also helps us to set our body clock to its natural circadian rhythms, which makes us feel healthier, happier and less prone to sleeping problems. Artificial light just can’t do this for us yet.

You can use glazing to increase living space

The first thing most people think of when they plan an extension is bricks and mortar. Of course, this approach will work, but it can also cost a lot and involve lots of planning and actual construction.

Glass has, recently, become a whole new construction material. With advances in silicone bonding and structural fixing methods, a whole new room can be made from just glass.

It’s not a conservatory

The old conservatory has probably had its day. We just accepted that it’d be freezing and damp in winter and like an oven in summer, but we don’t have to do that anymore. Today’s glass structures are elegant, environmentally-friendly, practical and good for all seasons.

These extensions use triple-glazing and specially-treated glass to maintain a consistent internal temperature. Far from being a furnace or an ice-box, these glass rooms can have controlled ventilation and light levels, whether these controls are manual or integrated with a smart system. You don’t get much more modern than that.

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