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Warmer, Wetter Weather – How to Prepare Your Garden

  • 8 years ago

Warmer, Wetter Weather – How to Prepare Your Garden

The UK may well be nearing the end of its time as a green and pleasant land if predictions about climate change (whether man-made or cyclical) come to pass. The next few decades may see higher average temperatures all year round, with more rain in winter and droughts in the summers, which may strike fear and despair into the hearts of the nation’s gardeners and homeowners. However, with a bit of forethought and creativity, the change in climate can give gardeners and anyone looking to sell their house interesting new opportunities.

Turn your garden into a tropical paradise

If you’ve always fancied your own fruit garden, the warmer climate might give you that chance and having a yard full of grapevines, jasmine, figs and even pomegranates will prove to be a real selling point.

The increased levels of carbon dioxide in the air will help a lot, too, as these plants will be able to grow that little bit faster, so if you’re planning a move in the next few years, get planting now!

Don’t hanker after the past, plan for the future

If part of your selling strategy is overhauling your garden, then:

– choose drought-resistant shrubs, trees and hedges; plant them soon so that they’ll be established by the time you go to market;

– use hedges as windbreaks to protect the inside of the garden from the extra storms that we may experience;

– get your soil ready for more water by adding grit to help drainage.

– if you’re adding slopes or terraces to your garden to help with drainage, make sure these areas are well-planted, as the roots will help to prevent erosion;

– build a gazebo, garden room or pergola so you can spend time outside on warm, wet days;

– install at least one water butt so you have a reserve of water for drought times, and think about the wildlife – create ponds or use water features so that animals can have a drink.


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