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What is Discouraging People from Moving?

  • 6 years ago

If you’re a landlord in the private rented sector (PRS) then you may find that you sometimes have a hard time replacing tenants. Partly this could be because more properties are coming onto the market as the sector grows, but it could also be because something about your property is putting people off.

Research by furnishings seller Terry’s Fabrics found out what interior design features are serious turn-offs for renters and the results might surprise you.

Around 50% are dissuaded by a dirty property

This won’t come as a huge surpriseto anyone, of course, as no-one wants to move into a dirty home, with smells, damp patches and a wild garden. What is slightly more surprising is the emphasis many tenants put on decoration and interiors. Just as many prospective tenants are turned off by old-fashioned kitchens and avocado bathrooms (and don’t even think about leaving a carpet in there…).

The other top five no-nos were old-fashioned bedrooms (28%), excessively bright walls (27%) and migraine-inducing patterned carpets (26%).

Thankfully, most of these are easy fixes – re-paint the walls, get rid of the carpet and put some wood or vinyl down and install a new kitchen sink. If you can afford it, renovate the kitchen and bathroom a bit more thoroughly or at least upgrade the oven and get a dishwasher.

There’s no excuse

Realistically, you can prevent damp patches or smelly old carpets from ever becoming an issue and it’s up to you to do this before you even sign up with a letting agency. When it comes to cleaning up after old tenants move out, then again, it’s up to you. You can do it yourself or you can get the professionals in; it’s worth spending the money if it helps you to prevent a void period. Remember, your tenants are paying you money to stay in your property so they deserve a clean, pleasant and comfortable place to live.

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