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What’s Stopping You from Getting Your Asking Price?

  • 8 years ago

What’s Stopping You from Getting Your Asking Price?

If you’re on the market and you consistently get low offers, you may have an obstruction in the form of one of the big buyer deterrents.

Everyone knows that neat, bright, fresh-smelling houses sell quickly, and so if you’ve already covered those bases, you may be wondering what else you can do. Well…


If there’s mould anywhere, you must get it cleaned up and find the source – if it’s neglected, it could spread and end up costing you more.

Unfinished business

If you started a DIY job and didn’t finish it, or you botched it but you think you got away with it – be sure, sellers will notice and it won’t end well! It might be something as trivial as a dodgy paint job, but it’s an excuse to knock off a few thousand. Make the effort to finish or improve the job, even if it involves getting in a professional.

A tired-looking garden

Most buyers pay a lot of attention to the garden – young families want a space for the kids and older people may want to, well, garden – so they’ll want a tidy space. Make sure it’s well-maintained and not overgrown anywhere.

Old, shabby fittings

Light shades, cupboard handles, curtains and picture frames might only be small, but if they’re looking battered or old, they can bring the place down. Thankfully they’re cheap to replace, which makes a real difference.

Loud wallpaper

You might like bright colours and – ahem – individual décor schemes, but not everyone does. You should aim for neutral but light, even if it’s not usually your thing. You need to think “blank canvas”, but still welcoming – light walls, with a pop of colour coming from fresh flowers or cushions.

Your layout

You can’t do much about this without serious building work, but you can show potential buyers how they can work with it once they’re in.

Let more light in

You might have small windows, or be trying to sell in winter, so there’s only so much you can do here. However, cleaning windows, opening curtains, trimming creeping plants and hanging a strategic mirror could increase the light – and your chances of getting your asking price.


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