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Which Colours Sell Best?

  • 6 years ago

When a potential buyer comes to view your property, they’ll ask about the foundations, the nearby floodplain and the wiring, but they’ll also take into account how the place makes them feel and colour is a huge part of that.

If you’re selling, then you need to think about your existing colour scheme and whether it’ll work for you or not. Research by online seller Furniture Choice has revealed the best colours that you can use to sell your place and sell it for the best price.

A commotion in the ocean

Trends come and go – hot pink, neon orange and all that jazz – but it seems that ocean shades are something of a constant, as four of the nation’s favourite colours are shades of blue. Medium turquoise came out on top, with dark cyan, pale turquoise and sea cow also making the list. Beetroot was the odd one out – or in, in this case.

Blue makes us think of clear skies and seas, which makes us feel peaceful and free and so if you bring some blue into your home, whether with paint, wallpaper or soft furnishings, you’ll bring this sense of openness and relaxation with it. If you don’t have the time or the budget for a complete overhaul, then invest in some throws, scatter cushions and curtains.

Born under a bad shade

Blue might not be your thing, so if you go for a different hue, make sure you avoid the ones that definitely don’t do it for most buyers. Give dark khaki, saddle leather, summer corn, faded sand and Chartreuse a wide swerve. It seems that browns and sludgy greens make people think of rotting food, so you definitely don’t want that in your kitchen or dining room!

You can bring touches of khaki in, though, but it might be better to use paler shades and dot them here and there. If you’re keen to bring an earthy feel into your home, then you need more vital shades of brown and green so people think of a luscious forest rather than a neglected fruit bowl. Vibrant greens and browns also work well with those blues as then enhance the feeling of being out in nature. For a more contemporary look, you can add coppers and other metallic items.

If you’re in a hurry to sell, though, then you’re best playing safe with blues, whites and soft greys – hopefully you’ll be off to pastures (and walls) new soon anyway!

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