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Added Bonuses and Hidden Catches

  • 7 years ago

Added Bonuses and Hidden Catches

Selling a house is often likened to a game, and it can be a game of snakes and ladders at times. You can find you have a big selling point that raises your asking price, only to find a problem that brings it back down to earth.

Watch out for these pluses and minuses when you come to sell or buy – they could make a real difference.


An extra sliver of land at the bottom of your garden

You might think that strip of land is your neighbour’s, so check your deeds. You never know, you could find out it’s yours and turn it into a vegetable plot.

A famous previous resident

If a famous artist, musician or scientist was born in, lived in, or even stayed for a few days in your house, it could be quite a selling point.

A posh supermarket

The Waitrose is coming to town… The effect of this upmarket shop is quite amazing, boosting asking – and selling – prices by around 10%. If you know there’s one about to be built, you could be in a lucrative spot.

A secret well

That unused strip of land at the bottom of the garden could hold another advantage for you – a hidden well really adds character to a house. You have to make sure it’s safe though, with a grille or similar guards. Only then should you start turning it into a feature.

Hidden catches

Roosting bats

They don’t have to be in the belfry to drive you mad! If you’re planning to convert an old barn, you’ll have to remove the bats first and this is no mean feat, as it has to be done according to strict legislation. This can be very interesting, but it can take time.

Old wiring or plumbing

If you’re selling or buying an old character property, make sure that the electrics and the plumbing are in good order. There’s nothing “character” about fizzing plug sockets…

Huge heating bills

Check out the average heating bills with the vendors if you’re buying an older house. You might be in for a shock if you don’t. You may need to ask for a slight reduction in the asking price to make up for the insulation work you’ll need.


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