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Ten Unusual Ways to Bump Up Your Value

  • 7 years ago

Ten Unusual Ways to Bump Up Your Value

Everyone wants to add value to their home when it’s time to sell – usually this is done by converting the loft, or adding a garden room. However, there are some things that are already there – all you have to do is to highlight them to estate agents and viewers alike. Here’s ten of the most unusual, but easiest, ways to bump up your asking price.

Have fishing rights

Riverside houses always do well, but if you can also boast fishing rights, you could be boosting your value up by as much as 15%. This is especially so if you’re on a popular fishing river.

The Waitrose effect

Or indeed, the effect of any upmarket high street shops that are nearby. There’s also the M&S Effect, as well as Carluccio’s and any number of independent delis. Make sure buyers know about them and you could net an extra 10%.

Having a famous sports venue nearby

If you’re anywhere near a prestigious sports ground, be it cricket, rugby or tennis (not so much football), then you can easily command an additional 10% when it comes to talking turkey.

A decent local

Almost a quarter of UK househunters say that having a good pub nearby is important to them, so if you have a nice welcoming local, it could mean an extra 8-10%.

Having a hill

Yes, really. The Brits are a funny bunch… It could be the physical manifestation of the UK’s baffling class system, but it seems that living on a hill elevates the house price by 7-10%. Just having “Hill” in the address has an effect.

Wisteria hysteria

Wisteria plants look great and they add up to 5% on the asking price of any house they cling to.

A farmers’ market

If you have a good-sized farmers’ market within throwing distance, then you can recoup the money you spent on those comedy pumpkins and that Palestinian olive oil by adding 5% to your asking price.

Having a name, not a number

Again, those Brits and their funny ideas… A house name adds 5% to your asking price. Almost 90% of househunters prefer names rather than numbers. No-one really knows why.

Being near a fancy cinema

If your nearest cinema has a regular season of films from Uzbekistan, then you can add an additional 3-5% onto your value. Arthouse cinemas, as well as museums, mean a cultured and diverse community.

Thin blue plaque

If your house was once home to a famous writer, politician or artist, then you can add at least a 5% celebrity surcharge.


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