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All about the Garage

  • 5 years ago

Your garage doesn’t just have to be a sump oil-scented repository for your car and some rusty old tools. If you have a sturdy outbuilding, or indeed, an integral garage, then there’s all sorts of things you can do with it.

Here’s some of the more popular options for transformation.

Make some more storage space

If you’re relying on your garage to store your belongings, you’ll probably need to make sure that there’s enough room in your garage to compensate for everything you have.

Many garages are left cavernous, with sloping piles of tat and belongings in the corners. There may be the occasional sad, isolated shelf high up on a wall with a spark plug on it…

You can do so much better than this. Head to the nearest Scandinavian furniture emporium and grab some of its brightly-coloured and ever-so-ergonomic storage solutions and breathe some fresh (with a slight whiff of pine) air into the place.

Turn it into an office

If you simply don’t store your car in the garage then it’s safe to spend large amounts of time in it. Anyone who works from home on a regular basis will appreciate having this room of their own, but you’ll need a bit more than some storage furniture. Think about increasing the number of electrical outlets and also installing some plumbing.

Create a gym

Why pay for an expensive gym membership when you can roll out of bed and straight into your very own fitness emporium? Most garages are big enough for a comprehensive array of equipment – treadmill, cross-trainer, a stack of weights and a yoga mat. You could also include your gadgets as part of the sale when you move.

Make your very own music studio

If your garage doesn’t have any windows then it’s not a huge stretch to turn it into a soundproofed studio. Soundproofing material is easy to come by these days and your garage should have all the space you need for your instruments, some seating and even a mixing desk. You’ll almost certainly need more plug sockets, though, as studios are quite power-hungry.

Whatever you do with the space, make sure it’s secure so that burglars can’t get in and steal your best guitar or, worse, gain entry into the main house.

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