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What to do with Your Loft

  • 5 years ago

If you’re thinking about transforming your loft before you sell up then you need to think about the particular challenges – and opportunities – that opening up this space can offer you.

Everyone loves a well-done loft; there’s something very comforting and clever about a thoughtful space. Done right, your loft could seriously increase your asking price. Here’s how you set about it.

Plan out your space

One thing about most lofts is the lack of walls. If you’re using your loft as a multi-functional area, as a playroom for children and a TV room for adults, for example, then you need to delineate these areas. Rugs are ideal for this purpose, as are tall storage solutions (maybe for all the toys). Using larger items of furniture also works well, as well as screens or even heavy drapery, hung from the ceiling.

Work to your scale

Lofts can have very high ceilings in the middle, which can make your regular-sized furniture look a bit small and flimsy. You can compensate for this by bringing in large prints, for example, or a tall folding screen. You should actually take your time here, as buying furniture you don’t like just because it fills the space is a waste of time and money. It doesn’t matter too much if your initial items are dwarfed, as long as you eventually replace them with things you really have a feel for.

Get clever with the storage

Although there’s a lot of open space, there’s nowhere really for you to put things. There’s no real place for sideboards and so on, so you either build storage into the eaves, or buy furniture that doubles as storage. Think about ottomans or window seats with a lift-up top for storing bedding or toys.

Final tips for the perfect loft

Don’t be scared of the height! Use oversized prints or even commission a mural for one end wall and maybe have a custom-designed set of shelves for the other.

Use floor plug sockets as there might not be enough wall space for them; this means you can plug in lamps and other devices to make the place cosier.

Let your windows do their thing. If you have Velux windows, make sure you can uncover them as much as possible in the day time to let in all that light.

Make it your own space. Too many people think they have to be ultra-modern or industrial in a loft, but if you’ve always fancied a seraglio at the top of your house,go forit.

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