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Colouring Up Your Kitchen

  • 5 years ago

Your kitchen is the heart of your home and you probably spend more time in there than you realise, either with friends and family or cooking yourself (well, the food…) into a zen-like state. As the heart of the home, it needs special attention when it comes to décor and palette, so here are some ideas to help you bring some love, light and colour into your kitchen.

Use some contrasts

Not many kitchens can accommodate a feature wall, so you may have to look to your counters and splashbacks to add that pop of colour. If you have your worktops in a neutral or dark shade, for example, get a glossy red splashback to stand out from it.

More on splashbacks

You may have mainly solid colours in your kitchen, so one idea is to have a patterned splashback to draw the eye. Try to keep the colour scheme of the splashback roughly in line with your prevailing palette, with at least one colour matching the overarching shade.

Get some new stones

Marble is great, as is granite, but if you’re after something different with a broader range of shades and patterning, then you could choose onyx for your counters and walls. You can find golden and green shades of this semi-precious stone, as well as dark brown and even rainbow.

Paint or re-cover your cupboard doors

A really cheap, quick and effective fix is to change the colour of your cupboard doors. You can use special glossy paint or use sticky vinyl for an almost instant upgrade.

Stickers aren’t just for books

There are loads of different wall stickers out there for you to choose from, so if you don’t fancy spending a day or two painting, then simply peel and go (after you’ve washed the walls down first). You could change your wall decals every season if you wanted.

Bring in some colourful furniture

If you can’t do much with your kitchen space in the way of redecorating or redesigning, you can freshen the place up by getting some colourful new furniture instead. Think of primary colours and lots of gloss.

Install some LED lights

Not only are LEDs much cheaper to run than incandescent or halogen lights, you can change the hue to suit your mood, from operating theatre white to relaxing-with-a-glass-of-Bordeaux red.

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