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Selling in Winter

  • 4 years ago

While you might think that winter is one of the worst times of year to try to sell your property, but you’d be wrong. It’s true that most people take their eyes off the ball around Christmas, but this still leaves you with November, early December and January to get going.

If you have the right attitude and a few tricks up your woollen sleeve, you can make the most of the winter months and you could even be in your new home by the new year!

Offer viewers a warm welcome

If you’re having an evening viewing, make sure that your heating is on as soon as you get home from work and bump the thermostat up a degree or two. You should also turn on radiators in rooms that are usually unoccupied so that every corner is toasty and comfortable.

Make a good first impression

Gardens and laws can look a little sad and tired in winter, so make sure your lawn, paths and borders look as clean as possible. Remove dead leaves, any mould that’s developing and add in some winter bedding plants, even if they’re in pots straight from the garden centre.

If your front door is a bit tatty, give it a coat of paint, polish the brass fittings and replace that dead bulb in the porch. Install some new lights for the porch and any seating areas so they still look bright and inviting.

Turn on all the lights indoors

Every single lamp. Even the ones in the cooker hood. You need as much light as possible so that every nook and cranny is illuminated. If any bulbs are blown or too dim for purpose, replace them with brighter ones. Then, leave the curtains open so that people can see the bright, warm interior.

Christmas decorations

Do decorate if you celebrate Christmas, but scale things back a bit so that walls, mantelpieces and shelves are visible. A real tree is a great idea, but if it tends to crowd the room you usually have it in, think about putting it in a different room this year or shifting out some furniture into storage.

An important tip is to get your photos done before the decorations go up so that you’re not looking out-of-seasonal if you’re still on the market in January.

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