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Creating a Winning Outdoor Space

  • 6 years ago

The days are slowly getting longer and many people’s thoughts are turning to spring and the great outdoors. When the weather gets warmer, it’s a good time to think about spending more time outside and also about making your outdoors more appealing to be in.

What can you do?

Whatever your outdoor space is, whether you have a big garden or a postage stamp, you can always improve it and make it more comfortable. You might want to add decking to a corner or a larger space, or turn a smaller space into just decking, it’s up to you, but you need to make this outside space as functional and comfortable as your indoors.

Choose furniture that matches the look you’re aiming for

Of course, to do this, you need to decide what sort of look you are actually aiming for. You might want coastal, urban, rustic or your own eclectic style, but once you’ve settled on a theme, you can bring in the furniture.

The right seating is vital

Weatherproof, comfortable and durable furniture is essential, but this doesn’t mean it has to offer all the comfort of a park bench! You can choose a combination of day beds and regular chairs, upholstered in waterproof fabrics, as well as throws and extra cushions if you need them.

Think about an outdoor fireplace

Even if you make a simple firepit from old bricks and sand, it can still be a central feature, especially if you plan to have a lot of barbecues and late-night chats around it with a few beers.

Eat outside

There’s nothing as good as eating outside on a warm summer evening – as long as you have your bug-repelling candles handy! Buy the best outdoor dining table and chairs you can afford as cheaper sets won’t last long and they’ll feel, well, cheap.

Bring light and colour

Although your outdoor space has lots of natural colours and hopefully lots of sunlight, you can still use lots of colours and lights of your own. You could use solar lanterns that twinkle when it gets dark, as well as lots of shiny copper accessories, or chrome and steel for an industrial look. Alternatively, you could use mirrors and brightly patterned fabrics for a boho or Mediterranean feel.

Called to the bar

Everyone wants an outdoor bar. You don’t have to spend a fortune on it, reclaimed timber or even an upcycled door will do. As long as you have a fridge and some bar stools, you’re good to go. Get in the basics and add to your cocktail gadgets and glasses collection as you go.

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