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Finally Re-doing that Bathroom? Here’s How

  • 6 years ago

When you’re renovating a bathroom, you need to take into account factors other than just aesthetic ones and these more functional matters have to be dealt with before you choose the colours of your tiles. It’s boring, but it keeps you safe…

Start plotting

You should start off by measuring your existing bathroom, plotting the positions of your sink, bath, toilet and so on. You should also include the window and the height of the sill just in case you want to place a radiator or the bath there.

Then you take these measurements to your contractors, along with yourrenovation plans. They’ll be able to advise you on whether your plans are realistic, as well as to give you some quotes and maybe new ideas.

The electrics

Of course, you know you can’t have electrical sockets in your bathroom, apart from the shaver socket. Did you know, however, that your bathroom is actually divided into electrical zones? Zones 0-2 are the wettest areas, where any electrical appliance can’t be more than 12V because it’s likely to be splashed or surrounded by heavy mists. Take advice from your electrician here and factor the placement of your 12V socket into your eventual designs.

Your tiles

There are literally thousands of colours, finishes, sizes, shapes and styles here. You could get confused, so the easiest way to start is to make sure you know the difference between wall and floor tiles. Floor tiles are thicker and heavier to cope with the footfall and wall tiles are thinner and lighter, so that they stay on the wall. Only you can decide on the colour and so forth, but one rule to live by is matching light grouting to light tiles and dark to dark. Make sure you seal your grouting, whatever the shade; mould is a real pain.

Your suite

Your bathroom should fit in with the rest of your house, but if you’ve always fancied a particular style, then just go for it. With one proviso – think about how your bathroom will affect your selling price when the time comes.

Install a water softener

If you have the budget and you’re in a hard water area, then this could be the ideal opportunity to install a softener. It’s a good selling point (and you’ll save money on bubble bath…).

Don’t hire a cowboy

Make sure your plumber is registered with CIPHE – the Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineers – to be on the safe side.

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