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Decluttering for the New Year

  • 6 years ago

Why wait until spring to have a thorough de-clutter? If you’re planning to put your property on the market in early 2019, then you can start your clearing campaign any day now! Here’s the areas to go for.

The coat rack

Go through all the cold weather gear and pick out all the items that never get used – coats, ear-muffs, wellies and so on – and either take them to a recycling bank or to a charity shop. Even if you don’t need them, someone will.

Wrapping paper and cards

You might have saved some scraps and bits of ribbon from last year, but realistically, not all of it will be used. Resist the temptation to save them again, because you’ve bought a load more already! Just tidy up any useable bits into a box file or similar and throw out or recycle scribbled-on gift tags and empty tape rolls.

Old bedding and towels

You might have bought yourselves some new bedding and towels for Christmas, so go through your older stock and see if any can go to an animal shelter.

The kids’ toys

Just after Christmas is the best time to thin out the toy box as there’s lots of new things to play with! Get rid of all the broken items that you still haven’t fixed, as well as any that haven’t been played with for the best part of a year. Involve the children in this process, as you don’t want to throw out anything with sentimental value.

Your own wardrobe and drawers

It’s easy to find your wardrobe and drawers suddenly too full after Christmas, what with all the sales and vouchers! Anything that’s not had an outing for a year can go – clothes in good condition can go to a charity shop, while more threadbare items can be recycled.

The kitchen cupboards

If you’ve got surplus stock in after Christmas – unopened marzipan, jars of mince pie filling and pastry, for example – then donate it to a food bank or church group.

Your craft supplies

Christmas usually brings new pens, tubs of glitter and sketchbooks with it. Make time to sort through your drawers and baskets and throw away any lidless pens, empty glue and glitter tubes and broken crayons before you put all the new stuff in.

The bookshelves

Sort through the bookshelves and take out any books that you didn’t enjoy or just don’t have any use for. These can go to a charity shop. Books that you haven’t got around to yet should go their own special shelf and then the whole shebang can be dusted thoroughly.

Your Christmas decorations

When it’s time to take down the tree and decorations, look for ornaments that have seen better days or don’t fit in with your themes anymore and give them away or recycle them. Check that your string lights still work before you store them away and make sure you don’t leave any decorations outside until July!

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