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Spruce Up Your Money-makers

  • 5 years ago

When you decide to put your property on the market you often have high hopes of an easy sale and a decent-to-great selling price. Sometimes this just happens without too much effort on your part and sometimes you have to put a bit of work in.

If you’re short on time and on a tight budget, a complete overhaul or revamp of the place might be out of reach, so you should focus on these three key money-making rooms.

The kitchen

The kitchen really is the heart of the home. It doesn’t matter how spacious the rest of the property is, or how desirable the postcode is, if the kitchen isn’t quite up to scratch it’ll do more than the other rooms to dissuade people. Buyers might not want to spend extra on a new kitchen once they’re in.

You need to make the kitchen as cosy, functional and welcoming for the target demographic as you can. If you’re in an area that’s popular with young families, then think about what two adults and two or three children need out of their kitchen. If you’re in a commuter area popular with young professionals then a low-maintenance kitchen with built-in, up-to-date appliances is your best bet.

The bathroom

No matter what the age or life stage of your buyers, the bathroom will always be a sanctuary for them. If you can add in an extra toilet and sink downstairs, you’ll attract more interest; if you can push it to an extra shower, you’ll really be cooking (or soaking). Families and young professionals alike prefer to have more than one bathroom, especially in the mornings, and older people like deep corner or whirlpool baths.

Your living areas

Your living spaces also need a review to see if there’s anything that can be done to optimise them – and your selling price. You need to aim for spacious, comfortable, welcoming and practical. This seems like a tall order, but it’s not an impossible target.

If you’re aiming at busy families or young professionals then you need low-maintenance. Think about pulling up the carpets and sanding the floorboards underneath. To make the room cosier you should lay down a plush, easy-care rug.

Another option is knocking a wall through to create a bigger space if your downstairs rooms are a bit cramped or boxy. Open-plan spaces appeal more to families, though, so bear that in mind before you swing that lump-hammer!

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