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Finish these Jobs Before You Even Think about Selling

  • 5 years ago

While no-one is every completely finished with their home improvement projects, if you’re about to sell, then there are some jobs that really do need to be wrapped up before you hit the market.

Finish up the decluttering

You should really finish it up; as in, really do it. It’s important for two reasons. You need to get the place ready for viewings so you need all your best features brought to the fore and you also need all your junk out of the way so you can see what other jobs need to be done.

Put unseasonal items and clothes into storage, give all your unwanted possessions away to charity or sell them and start to pack away your more personal items like family photos and ornaments.

On to the home improvements

It can be the minor details (well, flaws) that viewers notice and if there’s a few of these flaws then they can add up to a negative impression. This is a shame because they’re minor! Leaky taps, squeaky doors, dim lightbulbs, grubby windows and scuffed paintwork – all easily sorted.

Think about redecorating

If you’re suddenly noticing the scuffed paintwork, then why stop at a slight touch-up? You might also notice that you’ve had the same colours for a decade, or that your colour scheme isn’t what you’d call neutral. It could all just look a bit tired, so one simple answer could be to give the place a new coat of (neutral) paint. A neutral palette is important because people need a blank slate to put their own imprint upon.

Sort out the flooring

Squeaky floorboards aren’t good news as viewers can worry about how safe the floors are. Similarly, if you have chipped, worn or cracked tiles, lino or vinyl, then things can look and feel tatty. If you have carpets, give them a professional cleaning and, if necessary, rip out the worst ones and replace them. Wooden floors can start to look worn so sanding and resealing might be a good move.

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