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That Important First Night in Your New Home

  • 5 years ago

When you’re going through the process of moving home you can get so wrapped up with the costs, co-ordinating removal vans, moving your internet over and so on, that you don’t prepare for actually living in the new place. You can’t live in the new place without spending that first night there, so here’s how to make it as smooth and successful as possible.

Pack some “First Night” boxes and bags

One problem is that when you pack up to move, you group items together – bathroom products, kitchen utensils, jumpers, books and games – and when you’re at the other end, you can spend hours looking for things. This is stressful, especially if you have children and pets, or if you want to crack open that bubbly and you can’t remember which box the flute glasses are in.

The easiest way to avoid frantic box-cutter action and potential injury is to get together some First Night boxes and bags so everyone has what they need. These boxes travel with you to the new place and should contain things like toothbrushes, nightclothes, bedding, medications, pet foods, kid foods treats, toys, comfort blankets and everything else you can think of.

Don’t forget about the food

It’s tempting to just pack treats so that the children are happy and occupied, but if you end up too busy to get some shopping in, or your removals people are late, then you’ll need some easily-prepared provisions to see you through. Think about tins of soup or stew, easy-cook noodles, biscuits, soft drinks and bottled water. Oh, and chocolate…

Make sure you have a separate essentials kit

It’s not just about comfort for the first night; you also need other items and tools to help you to make the move. Include bin bags, cleaning products, scissors, a tin-opener, a corkscrew, a first aid kit (someone always gets a scrape), lightbulbs batteries and device chargers.

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