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Getting the Most Out of a Box Room

  • 5 years ago

Moving into a house with a box room can often fill people – especially if you have to explain the small space to a younger sibling – with dread. Handled properly, though, that small space can be an appealing and comfortable retreat.

Here’s some great ideas to make the most of your smallest room.

Limit your colours

Lots of colours can make the room feel like it’s closing in, so try to keep most surfaces one colour. It doesn’t have to be all white, but make sure any colours you do bring in are well-considered and not overwhelming.

Let enough light in

Use blinds instead of bulky thick curtains if you can. Big curtains can close in a space and they do actually take up space, which is a big deal in a small room. It’s also important that when the curtains or blinds are open, they expose as much of the window as possible.

Use storage smartly

Use floor-to-ceiling storage and always be on the look-out for creative and space-saving ideas. A high-rise bed with a desk, drawers and wardrobe is a go-to solution, as well as windowsill shelves and hanging baskets.

Use the space directly under the windows

Many of us assume that the space in front of and under the window is sacrosanct, but it can work really well. Tuck a bed right under it, or a chair or desk. If you’re using blinds rather than curtains, you’ll be able to get pretty much flush with the wall.

Put up some mirror tiles

Tiles, rather than a hung mirror, save space and help to create the illusion of space, especially if they cover a large part of the wall.

Invest in some customised furniture

Most UK furniture is made for bedrooms that are bigger than a box room. Having some items that are measured and designed to work in a smaller space is really effective, especially if each item performs more than one function. For example, the headboard of a bed could feature some bookshelves or small drawers.

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