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Get Your Best Side – Preparing Your Home for a Photoshoot

  • 5 years ago

People make up their minds in seconds when they’re looking at properties on a website and so you must make the right impression when your interior photos are taken.

Having the best photos possible can get your property a few extra online views, which often translates into real-life views and hopefully some offers.

How to get ready for your photoshoot

Make the most of the light

Hopefully it’ll be a sunny or at least clear day when the photos are taken, which will help to show off your exterior as much as possible.

Sunlight also works indoors, so try to time your photoshoot for when the most light comes into your home.

Declutter outside

Move any vehicles or trailers from your immediate kerbside and hide any bins, hoses, wormeries and kids’ toys. Mow the lawn and make sure the windows are clean inside and out.

Tidy your reception rooms

Swap out scruffy old sofa throws for some neater ones; if you need to buy new ones for the shoot, then do so. Bring in some vibrant new cushions as well if necessary and arrange them to look tidy and attractive.

You can also set your dining room table with your best ware, but remove rugs if you have attractive wooden or tiled flooring. If you have a kids’ toy corner, or piles of magazines, make sure they’re all out of sight, even if it means shifting them out of shot a few times!

General tips

You can remove some items of furniture for the shoot and rearrange the remaining ones so that the room looks more spacious. Bring in some fresh flowers and a fruit bowl to inject life and colour.

Increase the amount of light in your rooms, both by using brighter lightbulbs and opening curtains further.

Your bedrooms

Make each bed neatly and use bedclothes that are new, modern and in keeping with the overall style of the house.

If you store anything under your beds, make sure they’re out of sight and shut wardrobe doors and drawers.

Your kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home and so you should take extra care here. Clear all of your worktops and remove most appliances, except for “fancy” and shiny items like premium blenders, chrome slow-cookers and coffee machines. No baby bottle sterilisers or dented bread-bins.

Remove all fridge magnets and clean the front of the fridge and freezer, as well as any other white goods. Keep cupboards and drawers shut, hide bins, pet bowls, litter trays and neglected washing up!

The bathrooms

The toilet lids should be down and there should be no evidence of toilet roll, brushes or cleaning products. Similarly, remove toothbrushes, squidgy soap bars and shower gels from the sink and bath. If you have a shelf for towels in your bathroom, make sure that you have clean, fluffy, luxurious-looking towels in it, all folded or rolled so they look their best.

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