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Hold a Really Welcoming Open-house

  • 5 years ago

Open-house viewings are becoming popular in the UK as homeowners realise that they can attract several interested parties to their property at once, instead of spending their lives cleaning and fluffing up cushions.

If you’re at your wit’s end with pro-level tidying several times a week – sometimes for no-shows – then an open-house viewing might work really well for you. Here’s how to hold a warm, welcoming and hopefully very productive open house.

Set the time for Saturday afternoon

Saturday at 2.00pm to 4.00pm seems to be a great time for an open-house. People with kids will have fed their brood and anyone without children has had time to have a lie-in and start the day off properly.

If you’re shy, recruit an outgoing friend or two to help you

It can be nerve-wracking, opening your door to a bunch of strangers who then proceed to peer into every nook and cranny. You have to make a certain amount of small talk, as well as go into the nuts and bolts of the property. Press-gang your extrovert friend into doing the sweet-talking while you stay in the kitchen to dish out treats and answer technical questions.

About those treats

They stay in the kitchen, for a start! You don’t want to have to hire a carpet cleaner very Sunday! Aim for light bites and either coffee or hot chocolate if it’s cold and fancy bottled water if it’s hot. Wrapped treats are a good idea, as some people might like to take them away to eat on the way home. You should encourage people to view the place first, before coming into the heart of the house for refreshments.

Have printouts of your EPC and other important information

If you’ve had lots of work done to the property, then have copies of the reports and blueprints handy. It might be an idea to have a survey done beforehand so you can hand out copies of this, too, along with any interesting facts about the house, street, village and so on. Information about local schools is also useful. If you have the time and creativity, get together a viewers’ kit for people to take away with them.

Smile, smile, smile

You might be a natural at this sort of thing, but even if you’re a bit more retiring, you can do this. Keep your eyes on the prize and your hand on the kettle. It’ll be worth it.

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