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Brace Yourself for Summer Sales

  • 5 years ago

If you’re hoping for a summer move, then now’s the time to get started. Contrary to what most people think, there’s no great buying rush over the summer, as people are on holiday, the kids are off school and everyone’s minds are on the hot weather.

This doesn’t mean you should sit back and relax, too, though. If you’re smart, you can take advantage of the relative lull, as it also means fewer properties coming onto the market.

Here’s how you can get a rush of viewings and make the most of the summer.

Look to the exterior of your property

Summer means light nights, yes? Many people do drive-by viewings to check out a house they’ve seen online and they’re more likely to do this on a warm evening than a cold winter night. Make sure your exterior makes them want to look at the interior as well.

Get rid of weeds, tidy up your fence and immediate pavement, hang some new flower baskets and solar-powered fairy lights. You might want to re-paint your front door and polish the brass. If it’s tatty, polish it, clean it, paint it or remove it. If you usually park your car in the driveway, move it elsewhere so there’s an unobstructed view of your house from the road.

Make sure there’s loads of fresh air

In winter you can bust out the cinnamon smells; in summer, people want clean air and maybe even fresh flowers so just open the windows. Don’t blitz the air with sprays, as hay fever and allergy sufferers might be having a hard time already.

Get the windows cleaned

The strong summer sun will really show up any grime on your windows; that same grime will also make the interior a bit darker, so make sure your windows are sparkling and streak-free. Keep blinds and curtains as open as possible – if you’re fond of heavy curtains, you may need to swap them for gauzier ones just for a while.

Invest in a new patio set

You want buyers to imagine themselves in your garden next summer (because they’ve bought the place, not because they’re stalkers…). If your garden furniture is a bit tired then replace it and maybe set up a barbecue and create a seating area complete with lights and a canopy.

Highlight the local schools

You may already know the school well, so big it up. Many summer movers will be looking to get their children into a good school by September, so if your nearest primary is good or outstanding, make sure viewers know about it.

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