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Maximise Your Tiny Bathroom

  • 8 years ago

Maximise Your Tiny Bathroom

Your bathroom can be your sanctuary whatever size it is if you’re prepared to box clever and use some design tricks to maximise your space.

Softer colour schemes can make a small bathroom seem larger

Neutral colours and pastels create the illusion of more space. No-one’s saying you have to opt for a boring pink, beige or (gasp!) light avocado, though. You could choose an icy blue and add brighter or bolder accessories or coloured lights to add some impact and interest.

Use recessed lights

Recessed lights save physical space – there’s no hanging lightshade – and they also spread out light differently. You can use softer bulbs to blur out the corners of the bathroom, which makes it seem bigger. Large windows, or skylights and even light-tubes can bring in more natural light and open up the room further.

Mirror, mirror

Everyone knows that mirrors make rooms look bigger and in a bathroom you can add lights around it, which really helps. Whatever you do, though, don’t install a big mirrored medicine cabinet, as these have the effect of closing the room in.

Lose your vanity…sink

Vanity sinks have been a bathroom staple for years now, and while they offer lots of storage space for bathroom products, they take up a lot of floor space. Combat this by installing a corner sink, or a narrow one that’s wall-mounted. You will need to find extra storage space, though…

Get creative with extra storage space

Built-in storage is essential in a small bathroom because it doesn’t get in the way. Use a corner over the bath or in the shower to store bottles and gels. Recessed storage is great too if you have thick walls that could lose a few bricks. You can also put shelves over the toilet or in a window – think vertical. Tall, narrow shelves that don’t have much of a footprint add interest and don’t take up much floorspace.






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