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Spring is in the Air

  • 8 years ago

Spring is in the Air

It’s that special time of year when estate agents come out of hibernation and take their first cautious sniffs at the air, looking for new vendors. If you’re planning to sell, start prepping so that you’re good to go by spring. Here’s a five-minute guide to decluttering to get you in the mood.

Decluttering 101

This can seem daunting, but you’re going to have to pack it all up anyway, when you move, so see it as a first step. It’s important to let viewers see the house they’re buying, not your home.


Remove small and seldom-used appliances from the countertops and store towels and oven-gloves out of sight. Do likewise with sponges, brushes, and cleaning products, especially the ant powder…

Look through your equipment and pack anything that you don’t use at least once a month. Take down pot racks and any wall hooks and store them until you’re in your new house. They can look messy and can get in the way.


Hide medicines, as well as seldom-used toiletries, perfumes and jewellery. Gather up kids’ bath toys in a net bag and only get them out when needed. Clean the grouting and if you’re in a hard water area, bust out the limescale remover.


Remove out-of-season clothes and store them, do the same with linens and duvets. Make sure bedding is clean and if necessary, new. Start packing family photos and ornaments.

Family rooms

Pack away books and leave a few for use and decoration. Old magazines should go too – either in the recycling or into storage. Any objects or materials used for hobbies have to go into storage too – sorry.

Ditto with artwork – cull your collection to a few easy-on-the eye, unchallenging pieces. Prune cushions and small tables with “bits” on.

Clean the windows inside and out – if your double-glazing is misty, get it repaired! Clean or repaint walls and woodwork.

If you have children, store or give away less popular toys and make sure there’s a big bag or basket for toys to be swept into just before a viewing.


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