Vendors! Avoid these Traps

Added on December 1st 2017

Selling a property is always fraught with worry, stress and the possibility of making a false move that breaks the chain for everyone. Some pitfalls are easy to avoid, however, so if there is an aspect of your house sale that you can bring under your control, do it. Here are the most common – and most avoidable – pitfalls vendors should beware of.

Not using an estate agent

Many vendors think they’re clever by opting to sell their house themselves or by using an online agent. In this way, they either reduce or avoid the commission and so this can seem like an attractive option. However, selling a property doesn’t just happen by itself and the time, energy and effort that would be expended by an estate agent has to be expended by…the seller. This is on top of a full-time job, children, hobbies, other commitments and keeping the place ready for viewings. Usually, it’s just not worth it.

Being too present during viewings

More than half of potential buyers want to be able to wander around a property without being shadowed by the owner so they can talk frankly. Some viewers like to be able to talk to the owner though. If you are going to be there, maintain a polite distance while being available to talk if the viewers want to.

Not being scrupulously clean

Make sure the place is as clean as possible. Wash down walls, tear up any damp and smelly carpet and clean the windows and curtains. A lack of natural light can put off buyers, so do everything you can to bring the place up a notch or two. Don’t be tempted to try to cover up smells with air fresheners, though – it doesn’t work and you’ll come across as deceitful.

Being too eager

What’s the worst thing about shopping? That’s right, the over-enthusiastic shop assistants. They’re intrusive and discomfiting when you’re looking for a bath bomb, let alone a new home. Be polite and friendly, but don’t force anything; people will feel pressured and they’ll also wonder if your neighbours are dodgy.

Speaking of the neighbours…

If you’ve had a dispute with your neighbours, no matter how it was resolved (or not), you must be honest with prospective buyers. If you lie about it, or try to cover it up, it could derail the sale and even land you with a lawsuit. It may well be that the issue you had with your neighbours simply wouldn’t arise again.

Skimping on the décor

Well-decorated homes sell three or four weeks faster on average, so it’s worth spending time and money on bringing the place up to date. If your budget is an issue, identify the features that need the most TLC (or replacing altogether) and focus on them. Be prepared to spend a few hundred here as you could really benefit from the investment.

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